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RFID library management system


           Infowise's Smart RFID library file management applications: book borrowing and returning, fast inventory, find, chaotic shelves book sorting and other issues have been plagued by the library management and staff. Infowise's of wisdom through the library's RFID system construction, will simplify the reader's borrowing process, improve circulation efficiency, significantly reduce the book inventory and find the workload of the library staff from the tedious repetitive labor freed from more effective and targeted personalized services for readers, enhance the quality of library services.

Infowise's System Composition:


Self-service book borrowing and returning machine, library card data issuer, RFID label printer, RFID loss prevention channel door, 24-hour self-service book terminal, rfid handheld reader, book returning machine sorting trolley, RFID bookshelf labels, RFID book electronic tags, RFDI read-write, RFID book management system software


GZY-9606 UHF RFID Label

GZY-79 UHF RFID Desktop Reader

GZY-C10 UHF RFID Gate Reader

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Based on RFID application process


1. Book inventory: New books into the library first for the book to paste RFID electronic tags. The use of RFID tag conversion device will write data information into the electronic tag.


2. Books on the shelves: Paste the electronic tag of the new book, the use of trolley type RFID mobile inventory system, scanning books, the system will automatically locate the book on the map should be stored on the bookshelf, with the trolley carries books to the designated bookshelf shelves can be. The use of trolley mobile inventory system, you can scan the bookshelves one by one, the system will automatically pick out the wrong shelf books, and mark the correct location.


3. Real-time inventory: Staff in the library book inventory, you can use RFID mobile inventory system or handheld inventory system, all the bookshelves need to inventory scanning, through the wireless network transmission of data can be entered into the database to complete the inventory, you can save a lot of manpower and material resources.


4. Security access control: When the books without borrowing procedures through the RFID security door, the system will automatically sound and light alarms to prevent books from being taken out.RFID channel access control supports online, offline two modes of operation, the system is more secure, more reliable.