UHF RFID tag types and applications  



UHF RFID tag types and applications    


I. UHF RFID tag composition 2.the advantages of UHF RFID tags


It is possible to recognize high-speed moving objects as well as multiple objects at the same time with the following advantages:


·       1. High penetration,resistant to harsh environments.

·       2. High security and confidentiality.

·       3. Reusable, large memory capacity of data.




3.      UHF RFID tag standard protocols


At present, the common domestic UHF RFID air port protocols are international standards, national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards and so on. The most popular standards are the 6C and 6D standards, i.e., ISO/IEC 18000-6C (63), ISO/IEC 18000-6D (64), and there is also China's national standard GB/T 29768-2013, which was formally implemented in May 2014 in China.

4.      UHF RFID tag frequency band


The global coverage of UHF electronic tag band definitions varies, for example:

·       China's bands 840~844MHz and 920~924MHz

·      EU band 865MHz~868MHz

·       Japan's frequency band between 952MHz~954MHz.

·       Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore 920MHz~925MHz

·       US, Canada , Puerto Rico, Mexico, South America band between 902MHz~928MHz


Note: The global range of UHF frequency bands can be found in the article "List of Frequency Bands by Country/Region (UHF)" in the History section!


5.      Application of uhf rfid tag


UHF RFID market application scenario is quite broad, with the ability to read multiple tags at once, recognition distance, fast data transmission speed, high reliability and life, resistance to harsh outdoor environments and other advantages. Can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing, all kinds of goods anti-counterfeiting traceability (such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, etc.), retail, vehicle management and so on.





NO.1 Typical Application: RFID Vehicle Management


The automobile windshield guards against removes the label

Through installs in the vehicle windshield on the vehicle carries the electronic label and in the toll station ETC lane radio frequency antenna between the special short-range communication, the use computer networking technology and the bank carries on the backstage settlement processing, thus achieves the vehicles to pass through the road and bridge toll station does not need to stop but can pay the road and bridge toll the goal.





NO.2 Typical Application: Electronic Signage


RFID Ceramic tag

Electronic license plate is an application of the subdivision, extension and improvement of the Internet of Things technology. In the motor vehicle is equipped with an electronic license plate tag, the RFID electronic tag as the vehicle information carrier, and in through the roadway equipped with authorized radio frequency identification read-write, the motor vehicle electronic tag on the data collection or write, realize all vehicles digital management of an advanced technology.



NO.3 Typical application: product anti-counterfeiting traceability


Fragile anti-transfer labels

Through the application of RFID technology in the production of enterprise products and other aspects of the application, to achieve anti-counterfeiting, traceability, circulation and market control, to protect the enterprise brand and intellectual property rights, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.



NO.4 Typical application: Warehouse logistics pallet management


ABS tags


Existing warehouse management in the introduction of RFID technology, the warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, redeployment, shifting, inventory and other aspects of the operation of the data for automated data collection, to ensure that the warehouse management of the various aspects of data input speed and accuracy, to ensure that the enterprise timely and accurately grasp the real data of the inventory, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory.




NO.5 Typical application: washing industry


RFID Silicone labels

Laundry labels are heat and rub resistant and are mainly used in the laundry industry for tracking, checking the laundry washing status and so on. The label adopts silicone encapsulation technology and can be sewn, hot ironed or hung on towels and garments for inventory management of towel and garment products.




NO.6 Typical application: washing industry

High Temperature Laundry Label PPS

By sewing a button (or tag) electronic tag on each piece of fabric until the fabric is scrapped (the tag can be reused, but not more than the life of the tag itself). It will make the user's laundry management become more transparent and improve the work efficiency. High temperature laundry tags are widely used in textile factories, professional laundry and laundries.




NO.7 Typical Application: Clothing Management


Copperplate hangtag label

In the existing clothing warehouse management in the introduction of RFID technology, you can clothing warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, redeployment, shifting, inventory inventory and other aspects of the operation of the data for automated data collection, to ensure that the warehouse management of the various aspects of the speed of data input and accuracy, to ensure that the enterprise timely and accurately grasp the real data of the inventory, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory.


NO.8 Typical Application: Clothing Management


RFID Garment Woven Label

UHF RFID technology can be from clothing production, product processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, product sales in all aspects of information technology for managers at all levels to provide real, effective and timely management and decision-making support information for the rapid development of the business to provide support will be able to solve most of the problems.



NO.9 Typical Application: Live Bird Management


PP encapsulated labels

UHF RFID foot ring tag gives each live bird a unique "ID card", from live bird seedling, quarantine, slaughter, processing to sales traceability management, effective prevention of food safety of live birds. The main application areas: wearing in chickens, ducks, geese and other birds, widely used in seedling, breeding, production, epidemic prevention and sales circulation and other aspects of food traceability and safety supervision.



NO.10 Typical Application: Pig Traceability Management


RFID Tie Tabs

Qualified pork white strips are bound to RFID traceability tags, and the pork code obtained by the RFID channel at the factory is automatically associated with the RFID ID card information of the downstream seller obtained by the RFID traceability machine. At the same time, the all-in-one machine is also connected with the electronic scale to obtain the weight, and the all-in-one machine prints the meat transaction voucher with the traceability system. The traceability code, weight, downstream buyers and other information of the meat from the factory are uploaded to the government's traceability monitoring system at the same time, and each piece of pork corresponds to a unique merchant or operator, which realizes the link between the information of the pigs entering the factory and the information of the white strips leaving the factory in the slaughtering process.


NO.11 Typical Application: Tire Management


Spring-loaded tire tag

Tires through the implantation of RFID electronic tags, making each tire has become an effective data traceability carrier, with the tire information database, you can effectively manage the entire life cycle of tires.



NO.12 Typical Application: Intelligent Inspection Management


Drip PVC Card Label

The application of RFID technology can realize the electronic, informatization and intelligence of the inspection work, so as to improve the work efficiency and ensure the safe operation of electric power equipment. Suitable for enterprises, independent substations and centralized control stations and other users of electric power inspection involved in the equipment information, inspection tasks, inspection lines, inspection points and inspection project customization and management, to achieve inspection in place to control and defects in the management of the standardization, so as to improve the level of electric power equipment management.



NO.13 Typical Application: Airport Baggage Management

Copper plate paper self-adhesive labels

The RFID electron label technology uses to the aviation parcel tracking and the management, guarantees the airline to the passenger consigns the luggage all to be able to carry on the tracking management and the confirmation, causes the passenger and the consigns the luggage parcel to arrive at the destination safely on time to obtain the guarantee.



NO.14 Typical Application: Asset Management

Flexible metal-resistant tags

The use of RFID tags to identify fixed assets, the use of RFID readers to collect data to complete the daily management of fixed assets and inventory work, to achieve the use of fixed assets and the use of the cycle of the state of the whole tracking and information management.



NO.15 Typical Applications: Medical Devices

Molding Plastic Labels

The direct advantages of RFID are significant: for example, the number of lost instruments will be reduced, and the time for manual counting will be reduced. After the introduction of RFID tags to track every surgical instrument, hospitals can ensure the integrity and thoroughness of sterilization, avoiding the risk of hospital-acquired infections, or the occurrence of medical accidents in which surgical instruments are left behind in the human body.




NO.16 Typical Application: Jewelry Intelligent Management


PET labels

RFID wisdom jewelry management system, RFID tags have a unique ID number, so the tags and jewelry individual one-to-one correspondence, through the identification of the tags, to achieve the goal of accurate management of individual jewelry. At the same time, UHF RFID tags have the characteristics of multiple tags read at the same time, so through the construction of RFID jewelry management system, can achieve fast and accurate inventory of goods, to achieve efficient management of jewelry assets.



6.    The future development trend of UHF RFID technology


For the increasingly mature UHF RFID technology, what will be the future development of UHF RFID technology? In April 2016 RFID World, Alien's global product manager Mr. Gan Quan to "retail industry RFID application difficulties and core technology analysis" as the title of his views, pointing out that the future development of UHF RFID technology has three main directions: positioning, encryption, sensor integration.









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