How to identify the chip manufacturer based on the original TID code


How to identify the chip manufacturer based on the original TID code


UHF tag memory is divided into 4 zones

Reserved area: stores Kill Password and Access.

EPC area: stores EPC numbers, etc.

TID area: stores the tag identification number, each TID number should be unique.

User area: stores user-defined data.


Regional Name

District Name




Bit is bit, byte is byte, 1byte = 8bit, 1 word (word) = 2 bytes (byte)

A Chinese character accounts for 2 bytes, two bytes of a Chinese character

Reserved (0-4)  contains 4 characters, the first 2 characters are the inactivation password and the last 2 characters are the access password. Changing the access and inactivation passwords requires a lockout to achieve the effect.


There is a TID number (6C protocol) or UID number (6B protocol) in each UHF tag chip. We know that the TID / UID numbers are only readable and unchangeable. TID / UID numbers are stored by the label manufacturer to set up the ID number, which is unified by the RFID international standard organization allocation. Its definition is similar to our ID card number or cell phone number, such as ID card number through the identification of a good definition of the front part of the number, you can know that a person is a province or region of what city or county of the people. UHF ID number also has the same function, through the identification of ID number you can know which chip is which brand of the company's production of which model of the chip.


The following is a list of code cross-reference tables for various manufacturers' chip models for your reference

6C Series: Judge the chip by the first 8 bits of the TID.

ALIEN Series

Alien H2:E2003411

Alien H3(96-480 bit EPC):E2003412

Alien H4:E2003414

Alien H9:E2803821

NXP Series

UCODE7: E2806890/E2806810




UCODE7XM+: E2806D92

UCODE8: E2806894


UCODE EPC G2(224bit user memory, 96bit EPC):E2006001

G2XM (512bit user memory,96-240bit EPC):E2006003

G2XL (NO user memory,96-240bit EPC):E2006004

G2iL (NO user memory,128bit EPC):E2006806/E2006906/E2006B06

G2iL+ (NO user memory,128bit EPC):E2006807/E2006907/E2006B07

G2iM (512bit user,256bit EPC):E200680A

G2iM+ (320-640bit user,128-448bit EPC):E200680B

UCODE I2C:E200680D/E200688D


Monza 3:E2001093

Monza 4QT : E2801105

Monza 4E (128bit user,496bit EPC):E280110C

Monza 4D (32bit user,128bit EPC):E2801100

Monza 4I (480bit user,256bit EPC):E2801114

Monza 5 (no user,128bit EPC):E2801130

Monza R6: E2801160

Monza R6-P:E2801170

Monza R6-A: E2801171

Monza R6-B: E2801171



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