The Latest RAIN RFID Inlay Unveiled by Tageos, Leveraging Impinj and NXP

The RAIN RFID Inlay represents an RFID tag chip assembly based on the RAIN (Radio Frequency Identification) standard. It harnesses the technological expertise of Impinj and NXP, combined with Tageos' proficiency in RFID tag design and production. This newest Inlay product boasts exceptional performance and reliability, catering to various logistics tracking and management scenarios.


Impinj and NXP are renowned global suppliers of RFID technology, equipped with advanced radio frequency chips and tag solutions. Through their collaboration with Tageos, the jointly developed RAIN RFID Inlay integrates the strengths of both companies, offering outstanding performance and versatility.


The new Inlay holds vast potential for applications within the logistics industry. It can be utilized for purposes such as cargo tracking, inventory management, and supply chain visualization, providing enterprises with efficient and accurate logistics solutions. Moreover, the Inlay demonstrates an extended reading range and high-speed reading capabilities, enabling swift scanning of large quantities of items.


Tageos, a company specializing in RFID tag design and manufacturing, is dedicated to delivering innovative tag solutions that enhance user experience. The company emphasizes usability and durability in its designs, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability. The collaboration with Impinj and NXP will further strengthen Tageos' competitiveness in the market and drive the widespread adoption of RFID technology in the logistics industry.


As the IoT and logistics sectors continue to evolve, RFID technology plays an increasingly vital role as a key enabler. The latest RAIN RFID Inlay tag introduced through the collaboration between Tageos, Impinj, and NXP brings forth advanced and efficient logistics management solutions, creating greater value and competitive advantage for enterprises.


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